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System X Ceramic Coating

At Auto Shine Detailing, we offer the best Ceramic Paint Protection Coating. We offer System X for all kinds of cars whether it’s brand new, used or a classic. Your car is most likely your second most valuable asset. It is worth protecting, whether it’s a new car to maintain its resale value or a used car looking to restore and protect its original paint.

System X Ceramic Paint Protection is the latest innovation in paint protection technology and it’s superior compared to other coating brands. It’s not a coating that will wear down in weeks or months. It last for years, with self-cleaning abilities and scratch resistance properties.

System X Coating Benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty; Carfax approved 
  • Physical resistance; chemicals do not break down the coating unlike waxes and sealants
  • Permanent with a lifespan of 3 to 10+ years. It can only be removed by heavy paint correction or sanding down
  • Hydrophobic; water repels and beads off aggressively from the paint, creating a self-cleaning effect
  • Intense Gloss, increased gloss, depth and clarity
  • Eliminates the need of regularly polishing or waxing your car
Having our specialised team of detailers apply a ceramic coat to your vehicle saves you time and money by keeping you from having to wax it constantly, simplifying your routine cleaning process, facilitating a more long-lasting resistance to elemental damage and aesthetically giving it a deep gloss unattainable by other detailing services.  

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